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Tradução & Definição

ethical (behavior): (uma conduta) moral, (um comportamento) ético/decente
Politicians often make ethical claims that have no substance. Os políticos costumam fazer reivindicações morais sem nenhum fundamento.
the ethics: a ética, a moral
Ethics se usa sempre no plural
Where are your ethics in all this? Onde está a sua ética em tudo isso?
professional ethics ética profissional
unethical: imoral, antiético
What you're doing is unethical. O que você está fazendo é imoral!


  • "OILS, the Organization for International Labor Standards, is a (fictional) group which identifies and certifies subcontractors using legal and ethical labor practices."
  • "Brian : But sir, that would be highly unethical!"
  • "Bruno : Susie, you make a very convincing case for using ethical labor, whatever the cost."
  • "Outsourcing: Cost-Efficient Advantage or Unethical Tool of Exploitation?"
  • "International outsourcing is certainly one of the foremost concerns of contemporary business ethics."
  • "Notorious for his astute business sense and suspect business ethics, Mazerati has unveiled plans to triple D&C's profits within 6 years."
  • "The controversy associated with illegal and unethical cost-cutting methods often leads to customer boycotts and consumer class-action suits."
  • "If we are taking part in these sorts of unethical labor practices, and if our involvement in these practices gets into the open, this situation could become a real disaster from a public relations standpoint."
  • "The question is whether we will continue to exploit cheap and potentially illegal labor, or whether we should explore more expensive, but more ethical alternatives."

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