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Tradução & Definição

floor: o solo, o piso, o chão, o andar
(the 13th) floor: (o décimo terceiro) andar
Atenção: the floor pode também fazer referência aos membros de uma assembléia
Would the members of the floor please stand up? Membros da assembleia, queiram se levantar.

Pronunciation examples
UK: The cosmetics department is located on the fifth floor.
US: I just spilled orange juice on the floor.


  • "Speaking of which, I never liked the lab on the second floor - I want to move it to the basement."
  • "Local Perfumer Found Dead on Laboratory Floor"
  • "Imma leave it all on the floor tonight."
  • "If anyone has any ideas of what to build on the second floor to replace the laboratory, your suggestions are welcome!"
  • "I understand that you've turned one part of this floor into a furniture shop."
  • "Please carry on as you were, and let's all pretend that there isn't a large, smoldering crater on the second floor of our building."
  • "Floor 6!"
  • "They are sad, mad, they just walk on the floor."
  • "Floor 16!"

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