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Tradução & Definição

high: alto, grande, elevado
The adjective high also refers to the state of being intoxicated or on drugs.
to get highficar intoxicado/drogado
the height: a altitude, a elevação, a altura, a estatura


  • "With energy prices high, consumers are also reluctant to make costly trips to the shopping mall."
  • "Tension in this country is high - riots, protests, and angry tea drinking seem inevitable."
  • "I fly like paper, get high like planes."
  • "- Aim high!"
  • "All of us are on our own path to find a higher state of being."
  • "Jump as high as a kangaroo flies when you're wearing Outback Cologne!"
  • "The trade-off is that we pay high income taxes."
  • "Performance will be high"
  • "In spite of my blinding rage and abiding contempt for you, my yoga guru has advised me that expressing myself to you via a letter may prove therapeutic, which is why I am penning the present missive from my retreat, high atop the Himalayan peaks."
  • "Lower... lower... lower...higher!"

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