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Tradução & Definição

an inch: uma polegada (unidade de medida, aproximadamente 2,5 cm)

Pronunciation examples
UK: You are an inch taller in the morning than the afternoon.
US: Don't try and inch your way out of this one.


  • "Philip : 40 inches of pure steel!"
  • "Philip : 25 inches of pure... nickel."
  • "Philip : 20 inches of pure iron."
  • "Nina : ...waist: 34 inches."
  • "Answers: an LP is a long playing record (size 12 inches, played at 33⅓ rpm);"
  • "a 7-inch disc plays at the speed of 45 rpm (revolutions per minute);"
  • "At what speed should I play a 7-inch disc?"
  • "A regulation dodgeball is a rubber ball 8 and 1/2 inches in diameter;"
  • "Philip : 34 inches of pure... waist."
  • "Nina : Chest: 40 inches..."

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