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Tradução & Definição

to keep: manter, conservar
We will keep the contract until you make a decision. Nós manteremos o contrato até que você tome uma decisão.
Let's keep this discreet. Vamos manter a discrição.

Esse verbo é irregular
I keep / I kept / I have kept
to keep (on) doing something: manter-se fazendo alguma coisa


  • "Susie : I'm fine, I just keep misunderstanding what you're saying to me."
  • "Bob the Brit : You heard the man, now keep your hands up!"
  • "Passengers are requested to keep their possessions with them at all times."
  • "My job is to keep you all alive during this mission."
  • "Only serve to keep reminding me of how much I missed you."
  • "For the last 2 days we have had to immobilise him. He has been trying to lick his own bottom, he keeps dancing to the music in his head, and worst of all, he sometimes tries to polish an imaginary teapot."
  • "Plus you keep yelling "man overboard" while using the toilet."
  • "Remember, eat lots of carrots to keep your hair nice and shiny."
  • "Bruno : I said 'sometimes I keep a pen'... in my pocket."
  • "We're going to keep Mr. Gidyeon in custody."

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