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a model: um modelo, uma maquete
This is the model for our next set of perfume bottles. Este é um modelo para o nosso próximo conjunto de frascos de perfumes.
Kevin just purchased the latest model of this car. Kevin acaba de comprar o último modelo deste carro.
The party was filled with fashion models. A festa estava cheia de modelos.
Xavier was a role model for Bruno. Xavier era um modelo para Bruno.
to model: modelar, moldar
Luna modeled a giant candle out of wax. Luna modelou uma vela de cera gigante.
(This is my mother. She's) a model: (Esta é minha mãe. Ela é) modelo.
I used to model in Europe but now I sleep in a tree. Eu trabalhei como modelo na Europa, mas agora durmo em uma árvore.


  • "Incidentally, food manufacturers and major supermarkets are currently recruiting models for both the obese and slim photographs."
  • "Jackson : I'm going to drop the models on the floor, one by one."
  • "Subject: The man who models"
  • "The model in question is practically naked."
  • "I earn a six-figure salary, I'm a former model, and have my own two-bedroom apartment in Pacific Heights."
  • "He was one of the first to use black runway models in his shows, and his "ready to wear" lines of clothing democratized fashion for the masses."
  • "As you know, Ivana BümBüm, the model who appears in our TV commercials, and who is considered to be the face of Delavigne, has been photographed taking cocaine."
  • "Brian Get rid of your model girlfriends when you want a new one?"
  • "Aside from its famed lines of clothing, elegant runway models and shows, PLP released a number of high-end fragrances over the years including the controversial "Opiate"."
  • "Business insiders raised their eyebrows last week when it was reported that Wang Industries had acquired Dulce and Carpaccio, the Italian fashion house known for its ultra chic clothing and exquisite runway models."

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