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a model: um modelo, uma maquete
This is the model for our next set of perfume bottles. Este é um modelo para o nosso próximo conjunto de frascos de perfumes.
Kevin just purchased the latest model of this car. Kevin acaba de comprar o último modelo deste carro.
The party was filled with fashion models. A festa estava cheia de modelos.
Xavier was a role model for Bruno. Xavier era um modelo para Bruno.
to model: modelar, moldar
Luna modeled a giant candle out of wax. Luna modelou uma vela de cera gigante.
(This is my mother. She's) a model: (Esta é minha mãe. Ela é) modelo.
I used to model in Europe but now I sleep in a tree. Eu trabalhei como modelo na Europa, mas agora durmo em uma árvore.


  • "Aside from its famed lines of clothing, elegant runway models and shows, PLP released a number of high-end fragrances over the years including the controversial "Opiate"."
  • "Brian Get rid of your model girlfriends when you want a new one?"
  • "Model girlfriend needed to talk."
  • "Subject: The man who models"
  • "The model in question is practically naked."
  • "Incidentally, food manufacturers and major supermarkets are currently recruiting models for both the obese and slim photographs."
  • "Jackson : I'm going to drop the models on the floor, one by one."
  • "As you know, Ivana BümBüm, the model who appears in our TV commercials, and who is considered to be the face of Delavigne, has been photographed taking cocaine."
  • "He was one of the first to use black runway models in his shows, and his "ready to wear" lines of clothing democratized fashion for the masses."
  • "I earn a six-figure salary, I'm a former model, and have my own two-bedroom apartment in Pacific Heights."

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