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Tradução & Definição

a nerd: um nerd, um caxias
nerdy: adjetivo referente a nerd


  • "Because you only care about dumb stuff like perfume and science, you big perfume nerd!"
  • "And the nerds have emerged from their basements"
  • "Nerdy guy : Hello Edward."
  • "It has been suggested that nerd be merged into this article or section."
  • "Bruno will kill me if there is so much as a scratch on it, let alone your nerd urine."
  • "Nerdy guy : Tell me, Edward, which type of crystal was used by the Jedi knights to construct their light sabers?"
  • "Nerdy guy : Of course you may not!"
  • "Nerdy guy : If you wish."
  • "Nerdy guy : So, it says in your announcement that you're a fan of Star Wars, is that correct?"

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