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Tradução & Definição

(The dog is) outside: (O cachorro) está lá fora, do lado de fora, no exterior
adverb, preposition
(an) outside (consultant): (um consultor) externo


  • "(outside Cheryl's office)"
  • "I would ask that you do not invite an "outside" technical specialist to interfere with our system. Our network is configured in a very "personal" way."
  • "Our mission is to track a wild dolphin and determine if communication is possible outside the aquarium. Admiral Jones, take us down!"
  • "Oddly, a pair of men's pants were found outside the bar."
  • "This is the chance to get a bit of perspective on life outside of the Delavigne Corporation."
  • "Right now I am standing outside the hottest party in Hollywood, home of the most important people on earth: celebrities."
  • "I would encourage you, and anyone else who suffers from sleep debt, to organize your schedule outside of work accordingly."
  • "-They have parked a spaceship outside Delavigne Headquarters in San Francisco"
  • "That being said, the marketing department has decided to assign this project to an outside ad agency."

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