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Tradução & Definição

the paperwork: papelada, trabalho escrito, trabalho administrativo
I'm sorry Honey, I'll be late tonight, I've got to take care of some paperwork. Sinto muito querida, vou chegar tarde hoje à noite, tenho que cuidar da papelada.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Paperwork, paperwork! I should be catching criminals not filling in these stupid forms.
US: I didn't become a cop to do paperwork either!


  • "All you need is Horatio's signature on the paperwork."
  • "I think you'll find all of my paperwork is in order."
  • "It is not a technical problem. The problem is the paperwork."
  • "You signed the paperwork when you joined the company, but I guess you weren't paying attention!"
  • "I can bring the necessary paperwork to your office this afternoon if you wish to go through with the recall."
  • "Also, please put together a contract for Brian, and collect any information we need to fill out our paperwork: social security number, medical history, insurance information and any other personal details."
  • "Lucy, you stay on the line and we'll sort out the paperwork, okay?"
  • "We consulted a team of lawyers and real-estate agents before even filling out all the forms. We were all but assured by a clerk in your own office that the paperwork was in perfect order."
  • "No more paperwork for me!"

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