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Tradução & Definição

(to be) patient: (ser) paciente
Luna is very patient during interviews. Luna é muito paciente durante as entrevistas.
a patient: a paciente (medicina)
a mental patient um doente mental
impatient: impaciente
At times, Bruno can get impatient with incompetent employees. Às vezes, Bruno fica impaciente com os empregados incompetentes.


  • "I am unable to reach you by telephone, so I am writing you this email in regards to a patient who checked in at 3 AM this morning."
  • "I have included an audio file of the patient during one of his calmer periods."
  • "As one of our patients, your body will be frozen when you die and preserved in cryonic suspension."
  • "In fact, you're as bad as some of my speech therapy patients."
  • "Patient : Everything smells like pancakes!"
  • "Anosmia may be permanent, although a handful of patients have reported a full recovery."
  • "Patient : Uh... nineteen?"
  • "Your business card was attached to the patient's buttocks with chewing gum. He refuses to reveal his name, and broke a fire-extinguisher during check in."
  • "Patient : I am the king of the snow monkeys!"
  • "Please be patient with him and listen to his advice."

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