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Tradução & Definição

(100) percent: (100) por cento
noun, adjective, adverb
Percent pode acompanhar tanto um verbo no singular quanto no plural dependendo do contexto. Exemplo: "80 percent of the people are happy" ou "80 percent of the group is happy".
I got 100 percent on my lesson today! Eu compreendi 100 por cento da lição de hoje!
a percentage: uma porcentagem


  • "I estimate my daily efficiency will improve by 2.65 percent."
  • "Bruno : Your Website advertises Delavigne perfumes at 20% percent below the list price, correct?"
  • "Janine : This payment is based on your salary and, in general, is about 50 per cent of your weekly earnings."
  • "Quentin : Mr. Jones, the trial version is one hundred percent free!"
  • "I'm 100 percent putting the phone down."
  • "Icarus usually comes along and calms them down with percentages and ratios."
  • "I estimate that you have decreased my daily efficiency by 59.75 percent and increased my chance of a brain trauma by 63.26 percent!"
  • "Just for you a 30 percent discount on all units of Liquid Dynamite!"
  • "Currently the unemployment rate is at 7.2 percent, which is the highest it has been since 1992."

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