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Tradução & Definição

permanent: permanente, fixo
I need to find a permanent job. Preciso encontrar um emprego fixo.


  • "Anosmia may be permanent, although a handful of patients have reported a full recovery."
  • "However, I can tell you that the initiative kills two birds with one stone: not only should it improve the level of hygiene in the office, it will also provide a permanent use for otherwise useless intern, Edward Moon."
  • "Smithson argues that stress starts to pose serious threats such as permanent damage to brain cells (which has linked high stress levels to alzheimer's disease and strokes) and high blood pressure (the link between stress and heart attacks) only when the stress is allowed to build up over a long period of time."
  • "In some cases Anosmia maybe permanent, although few people have reported a recovery."
  • "Horatio has very generously given us permission to use his laboratory until we find a more permanent location."
  • "only offer you a mobile phone number, rather than a land line and a permanent address."

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