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Tradução & Definição

to remove: remover, tirar, retirar, eliminar


  • "Yesterday, during my "re-education" session, I endured cruel treatment that had but one goal: to remove the very essence of my Britishness."
  • "Any unattended bag or other item of luggage will be removed and may be destroyed."
  • "Mr. Cheeter makes people remove their shoes when they enter his holy temple."
  • "This could be removed if the worker is not a fan of comedy."
  • "Removed Philip's testosterone chip after inappropriate joke about silicon implants."
  • "However, it was also a year of revolution, where social networks changed the way we remove dictators and riot in major cities."
  • "I see that you have removed your shoes – very nice socks dude."
  • "Edward put up little resistance when I smashed his death metal guitar and removed the microfiche from its innards."
  • "And you can start by removing my dog from that hole in the ground."
  • "Any unattended luggage in the departure lounge will be removed by the security services and sold on Free-bay."

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