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Tradução & Definição

to settle (into a house): instalar-se (em uma casa)
I've finally settled into my house. Finalmente, estou instalado na minha casa.
to settle (a problem): decidir, resolver (um problema)
That's settled. Está decidido.
to settle the score with somebody ajustar contas com alguém
to settle (one's nerves): acalmar (os nervos)
This should help settle your stomach. Isto devia ajudar a acalmar o seu estômago.


  • "I've settled some of my more difficult business disputes in there."
  • "Brian (on intercom) : Well, I've changed into my boxing shorts just in case we need to settle this the old-fashioned way...with fisticuffs, you know, the Queensberry rules."
  • "com. They settled my claim, and I received a lot of money!"
  • "Bruno and Horatio's Miracle Juices, a fledgling juice and smoothie bar, caused a stir last month when their "miraculous" juices allegedly cured a man of his loneliness, reunited a lost parrot with his lover, and helped settle a bitter dispute between a chicken and an egg."
  • "We can settle this the old fashioned way... with a duel."
  • "You seem to have settled in so quickly."

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