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Tradução & Definição

to stay (here): ficar, permanecer (aqui)
I'm going to be staying in France an extra week. Vou ficar na França uma semana a mais.
to stay (at the hotel), to stay (with Susie): ficar (no hotel), ficar (com Susie)
I'm staying at my Aunt's house. Estou na casa da minha tia.
a stay: uma visita, uma estadia, uma temporada


  • "I would also like to inform you that someone in your group visited me in private last night and requested to stay at our monastery."
  • "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain"
  • "I cannot stay in small spaces, I get hungry."
  • "We can all stay with my sister in Muswell Hill, and visit my cousins in Lickle Ickleton."
  • "On behalf of the entire flight crew, we would like to thank you once again for choosing English Airlines, and we wish you a pleasant stay in London, or wherever your travels may take you."
  • "Just a reminder, folks: Radio Rhubarb will stay with this story until the bodies are discovered, excuse me, I mean until the situation is explained."
  • "For the duration of your stay here, you will dress in these humble robes."
  • "During your stay in our humble temple, I will be your spiritual guide in your quest for inner peace and enlightenment."
  • "You are coming to the end of your stay here."

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