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Tradução & Definição

successful: bem sucedido, exitoso
to be successful (in): ter êxito (em)
Polly is successful in everything she does. Polly tem êxito em tudo que faz.
successfully (completed): (realizado) com sucesso, com êxito
We ended the quarter successfully. Terminamos com êxito o trimestre.


  • "You will continue to do business as usual, and we will continue to be successful."
  • "We all know Bruno Delavigne as the public face of the highly successful Delavigne Corporation."
  • "Bruno : The key to successful bidding is in the timing, Hannah."
  • "We go to bars looking for women, he's even more successful than me!"
  • "A successful perfume—"
  • "I am delighted to announce that the first six months of this year have been among the most successful in the Delavigne Corporation's history."
  • "I'm happy to report that our "sales road trip" to Los Angeles was a crashing success, in the sense that we successfully crashed the company car."
  • "After undergoing successful therapy, I have now embarked upon the greatest endeavor of my career - becoming a painter."
  • "To say thank you for all your hard work lately, and to celebrate our moderately successful first quarter sales, I'm pleased to announce that the senior staff of the Delavigne Corporation will be taking a team-building trip this weekend!"
  • "Bruno : I've successfully secured the microphone to the dolphin's head."

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