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Tradução & Definição

tiny: pequeno, diminuto, minúsculo

Pronunciation examples
UK: My best friend is a tiny grey kitten.
US: I'm wearing nothing but a tiny pair of panties.


  • "While driving to the International Conference on Smelling Techniques, Bruno's tiny Peugeot collided with an enormous truck carrying several boxes of Kalvin Krime products."
  • "A tiny Japanese man won."
  • "In his tiny shop, he created some of the most amazing perfumes in all of Paris."
  • "It is covered with hundreds of tiny little sharp little things... like... eh... needles."
  • "Royal Rehab® is the world's most unique rehabilitation center, with over 5000 years of experience turning kingly cruelties into tiny transgressions!"
  • "Really expensive thing on a tiny plate (seasonal)"
  • "Vomited into a tiny paper sachet (mostly)."
  • "They look like tiny little bears, but they're actually part of the marsupial family, animals native to Australia."
  • "Tiny Nuclear Reactors"

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