Tradução To go over something

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Tradução & Definição

we've already been over this: nós já discutimos isso, nós já passamos por isso, nós já vimos isso
to go over something: examinar, revisar (algo)
We've already gone over the details. Nós já revisamos/examinamos os detalhes.


  • "Bob : Yes, we've been over this before."
  • "Philip : I already have it with me actually we could go over- No, I don't want to go over it now!"
  • "I could set Brian up with the sales team, and they could go over the essentials, you know: charts, facts, figures and whatnot."
  • "This will be followed by our customary round-table discussion, where everyone will have a chance to go over this year's figures and talk about the direction in which the company is moving."
  • "We could go over it this afternoon!"
  • "I went over the agreement very thoroughly and you seem to be secure when it comes to all of the shareholders... except one."
  • "After reading about what happened at Dulce and Carpaccio, I was thinking that maybe it's time to go over our shareholder's agreement here at Delavigne."
  • "I'll give you two a bit of time to go over your strategy."
  • "Philip : Let's meet here at 7:30 and we'll go over the account."
  • "Bruno : Jean, we've been over this!"

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