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Tradução & Definição

to grow: crescer, aumentar, cultivar
The plant is growing. A planta está crescendo.
My grandfather grows lettuce in his garden. Meu avô cultiva alfaces em seu jardim.
The profits have grown by 20%. Os lucros aumentaram em 20%.
To grow pode ter outros sentidos:
He's growing impatient. Ele está ficando impaciente.
(= He's getting impatient.)

Esse verbo é irregular
I grow / I grew / I have grown
to grow up: crescer (até a idade adulta)
You've grown up. Você cresceu.
I grew up in Brooklyn. Eu cresci no Brooklyn.

Esse verbo é irregular
I grow up / I grew up / I have grown up
growing: crescente, cada vez maior

Pronunciation examples
UK: My grandfather grows lettuce in the garden.
US: Your grandfather grows cannabis in the garden.


  • "If you don't know the answers then you may have grown up listening to pop songs on digital formats like CDs and MP3s."
  • "Nothing good can grow in this place."
  • "Did you know that this girl grew up in a condominium with no elevator?"
  • "Scientists estimate that the web's carbon footprint (the CO2 it produces) is growing at around 10% per year, which could be bad news for internet giants such as Moogle, Microtosh, and YouLube."
  • "It's the story of a young girl, growing up in a land, well, a land down under."
  • "I could grow one if you like."
  • "Yes, the business has grown, but where is the human touch, hmm, Bruno?"
  • "Two years ago, our gross revenue was big, but still growing."
  • "From the seed of the mind, a tree of enlightenment will grow, and from this tree will spread the branches that carry the ripened fruit of compassion."
  • "Dad : Oh believe me, I grew up with grandpa Xavier, and plenty of people think he's weird."

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