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Tradução & Definição

a ton: uma tonelada (1000 kg)


  • "Bruno Delavigne had been waving to the crowd, along with representatives from the Delavigne staff, atop of the famous "Nose float", a two-ton papier-mâché tribute to Delavigne's powerful organ."
  • "Harold : THX-1134 has just sold this Eskimo 300 tons of snow."
  • "On New Year's day, a bear in Kuala Lumpur stole a golf cart and drove it into the aquarium, where it was caught attempting to mate with a two-ton bluefin tuna."
  • "There's like a ton of beer in the fridge and munchies on the table."
  • "I heard there are going to be a ton of hotties over there, you wanna come and try your luck?"
  • "Indigo Motel is selling shares on their website, and I just bought a ton of them. As soon as they raise $150,000 they'll use that money to record, promote and distribute their first album. As a shareholder, I will receive a cut of all sales and licensing."
  • "I was a no-good cowboy with a failed department store and a ton of debt."
  • "Icarus's mother made at least 50 hamburgers and I've got a ton of food that we weren't able to finish."
  • "Susie : Horatio, your stunt last night has brought us a ton of media attention."

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