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Tradução & Definição

to be unable (to do something): não poder, ser incapaz de (fazer algo)
I am unable to make it to your party Friday night. Eu não posso vir à sua festa sexta-feira à noite.
Mr. Warbuckle's accountant was unable to balance his books before the tax deadline. O contador do Sr. Warbuckle não foi capaz de apresentar o balanço das contas antes da data fiscal limite.


  • "Please, get in touch with Charlie (I no longer have any record of his number but I'm hoping you still have it written down somewhere) and explain that I will be unable to attend the concert tonight."
  • "Space Base Alpha : Unable to comply with your request."
  • "Air Traffic Controller : I'm unable to identify you on radar."
  • "As a vegetarian, I was unable to eat your "vegetable" soup."
  • "No human casualties were reported, although it is believed that the goose was unable to survive its devastating injuries."
  • "Unfortunately, the gentleman I was planning to take with me is unable to attend, so his ticket is up for grabs!"
  • "Unfortunately, I am unable to give you more information regarding my position and purpose, because then I would have to kill you."
  • "I am unable to take this holiday because my elderly mother fell down the stairs and broke her hip."
  • "Me, because I'm unable to smell, and Horatio because he creates smells."
  • "I am unable to reach you by telephone, so I am writing you this email in regards to a patient who checked in at 3 AM this morning."

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