Arrange a meeting

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to arrange a meeting: organizar, marcar, agendar uma reunião
We should arrange a meeting to talk about this. Deveríamos marcar uma reunião para falar sobre isso.


  • "Please find below all of my contact information (telephone and fax numbers, e-mail, address, pager number, etc.) in the event that you would like to arrange a meeting, or simply discuss some specifics."
  • "Before simply ending our partnership at once, I decided to arrange a meeting with one of your representatives in order to explain our situation."
  • "It is my hope that we will be able to arrange a meeting at your offices before the end of the month, as I will be in the Chicago area for a friend's bachelor party (I am also a bachelor, incidentally)."
  • "Please contact Sam and arrange a meeting for the three of us for next Thursday."
  • "You will find attached to this letter the contact information for my personal assistant, who would be glad to arrange a meeting for later this month."
  • "Bruno : Did Philip arrange a meeting for you?"
  • "I will phone you next week and, if you're interested, we can arrange a meeting."
  • "Send her the documents right away, and then arrange a meeting here next week for the three of us."
  • "Perhaps we can arrange a meeting?"

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