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Tradução & Definição

basic: básico, fundamental, de base, principal
The job requires a basic knowledge of Excel. O trabalho exige um conhecimento básico do Excel.
The living accommodations included in the vacation package were quite basic. A acomodação incluída no pacote de férias era bem básica.

basically : basicamente, fundamentalmente, de modo essencial

the basics: o essencial, o fundamental, os princípios ou conceitos básicos
to get down to the basics ir direto ao assunto/ao essencial/ao ponto principal

Pronunciation examples
UK: The hotel room was basic but very comfortable.
US: Basically, I provide support for dogs.


  • "I‘ll show you the basics."
  • "Bruno : Well it's very complicated, but I can try to give you the basics."
  • "Bruno : Basically, I'm pleased with the job he's doing."
  • "Garth : Well basically, Edward, it's like this."
  • "Bruno trained his interpretation skills on basic animals at first."
  • "These are two basic accounts, and, even if you're not rich, it's useful to have both."
  • "The basic philosophy behind the movement is that eating locally has ecological value: The carbon footprint of Kobe beef which has made the trip from Japan to New York has more of an environmental impact than a piece of fresh meat from the local farmer's market."
  • "Basic computer skills necessary."
  • "Jackson Bollocks : Listen Mr Jones, I'm going to give you a basic lesson in materials: a tall figure made from glass would soon break, especially if it were full of liquid."
  • "I'm here to teach you people the basics of a positive work environment whether you like it or not!"

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