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Tradução & Definição

the board (of a company): a diretoria, o conselho admnistrativo (de uma companhia, de uma empresa)
The board pode se referir tanto aos acionistas quanto aos diretores da empresa. Em ambos os casos, "the board" é que toma as grandes decisões dentro da empresa (comumente em uma "boardroom").

a (surf) board: uma prancha (de surfe)

a board (at school): uma lousa (na escola)
Escolas geralmente possuem "blackboards" (lousas negras), "chalkboards" (lousas de giz) ou "whiteboards" (lousas brancas) nas salas de aula.


  • "Mr. Cheeter, why don't you come up to the board and show us how you think this problem should be solved?"
  • "The Board is pleased to inform shareholders that the dividend per share will be 16.3¢."
  • "Icarus : Then I'll have to recommend to Bruno and to the board that your supplies must be pre-approved by."
  • "Moira : Potassium is delicious, Brent, but even so, the American Nutritional Board warns that eating too many eggs poses a health risk due to high levels of cholesterol, which can affect people with heart disease."
  • "Miaow Yang : With the money we are offering, you could start a new business, even remain on the board of Miracle Juices."
  • "The board of the IACF thought it only fitting that you, one of the true pioneers in the fragrance and cosmetic community, deliver the speech to mark the Vicennial anniversary of our organization."
  • "Bruno : The board has elected a new CEO, Sylvio Mazerati."
  • "will not sell without prior permission from the Board."
  • "Mazerati cautiously approached each individual, so it came as a total surprise to all involved when Mazerati was elected CEO by the D&C board last Tuesday."
  • "I'm the one that has to justify a 14,000 dollar shipment of ingredients to the board!"

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