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certain: certo, seguro, exato

(In a) certain (way): (de uma) certa maneira, (de) certo (modo)
Nesse caso,'certain' vem sempre antes do substantivo.


  • "In fact, I'm almost certain you had to airbrush out her nipples."
  • "The Delavigne name has a certain 'je ne sais quoi', as well as a 'joie de vivre'-"
  • "I'll leave you a certain amount of leeway in the negotiations, though please use the following figures as a guide"
  • "-Remember, there may be times when the customer is wrong about a certain situation."
  • "Brian : I'm looking for a certain crown."
  • "I'm writing to inform you of certain changes to the structure of the company which will be effected very soon."
  • "It may sound like an accident waiting to happen, but certain high-profile university professors are researching powering aircraft with on-board nuclear reactors."
  • "The other day I updated my PalPay account, or I thought I did, but then I read this article on the john this morning, and I'm like 87% certain that I have a virus, and."
  • "With just a few minor tweaks and several hundred billable hours, we are fairly certain that the Delavigne Corporation can restore its reputation at least for a few months - that's the Slick Brand Solutions guarantee*."
  • "- Never deactivate the firewall we have installed for you, even if it prevents you from accessing certain websites (which are, as it happens, not appropriate for the workplace)."

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