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Tradução & Definição

a challenge: um desafio, uma disputa, uma provocação

to challenge (somebody, a decision): desafiar, disputar ((com) alguém); contestar, questionar (uma decisão)

challenging: desafiante, estimulante, provocante, motivador
Climbing Everest wasn't challenging enough for me, so I swam to the moon. Escalar o Everest não foi desafiador o suficiente para mim, então, eu nadei até a lua.


  • "Now, if there are no further questions, I'll simply say that I look forward to my new role as the spokesbaby for the Delavigne Corporation, and the many challenges that lie ahead of me."
  • "Set challenging targets!"
  • "Michelangelo was a genius who was always willing to challenge his genius with difficult new projects."
  • "Well, the ultimate salesperson needed the ultimate challenge."
  • "At night, to survive becomes a real challenge."
  • "Joan Wayne attempted to scare the shark by firing at its dorsal fin, then challenged the shark to a duel, running into the water with pistols drawn."
  • "I have ten years' experience in the customer service field, as well as management experience in a local telemarketing firm. The challenging environments in which I've worked have taught me to think on my feet, communicate clearly and always remain polite and professional while dealing with callers."
  • "Bruno : Instead, you're going to be taking part in some exciting, challenging, and extremely dangerous missions."
  • "We mustn't forget that Philip is mentally challenged."
  • "The work is sometimes challenging but it'll be an excellent opportunity for a young man like you to prove himself."

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