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Tradução & Definição

clear: claro, evidente, nítido, livre, transparente

to clear, to clear off (a table): limpar (uma mesa), retirar-se

to clear out (a room): limpar (um quarto), jogar fora objetos indesejáveis


  • "The request of the people is clear!"
  • "Philip : Listen up Jones and listen clear"
  • "This table will give me a clearer idea when to organise my picnic!"
  • "It's as clear as a photograph in my head."
  • "While the benefits of sleep are numerous, it seems clear that the dangers of NOT sleeping outweigh them considerably."
  • "Perhaps you are a purist and limit yourself to downloading pornography and heavy metal music, however whether you are podcasting vegan recipes or ranting about Venezuelan foreign policy on a message board, it seems clear that the Web has become less of an occasional tool than a full-time distraction."
  • "Your desk's been cleared"
  • "For young or old, the bottom line seems clear: a good night's sleep is essential!"
  • "At the top of your advert, I want a clear headline."

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