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Tradução & Definição

complicated: complicado, difícil, complexo

to complicate: complicar, dificultar, piorar


  • "If I ever needed advice about what perfume to wear, you'd certainly top my list, but for something as complicated as finance - don't take this the wrong way - but it's difficult to take a man without clothes on seriously."
  • "Hannah : Well, even if you're right for this example, an encyclopedia isn't about cows, it's about complicated things like politics, or history, or language."
  • "New media continues to complicate and distract."
  • "It was by far the most complicated, time-consuming and needlessly bureaucratic form I have ever completed: I was in pure ecstasy."
  • "Philip : Many things, but it's rather complicated to explain."
  • "The rules are very complicated."
  • "Philip : Well, it's kind of complicated, Brian, but let's just say I need to get rid of some evidence in a hurry."
  • "Bruno : Well, gee, Brian that sounds awfully complicated."
  • "It's very complicated."
  • "Bruno : Well it's very complicated, but I can try to give you the basics."

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