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Tradução & Definição

to fight: lutar, combater, brigar
They fought in the street. Eles brigaram na rua.
The US fought Iraq. Os Estados Unidos lutaram contra o Iraque.

Esse verbo é irregular
I fight / I fought / I have fought

a fight: uma luta, uma briga, um combate, uma batalha, uma disputa
Pronunciation examples
UK: They fought in the street.
US: There was a big fight outside the office.


  • "Horatio : It makes me want to fight again!"
  • "an intense bar fight ensues."
  • "Chapter 3: Illegal chicken fighting controversy"
  • "Thursday : Sources report that the jet setting juice juggernaut was partying hard in the underwater city of Atlantis , riding sea horses and organizing illegal dolphin fights."
  • "To ask that shark for a fight!"
  • "They called me "fighting hell pigeon" in my heyday."
  • "Some will fulfill their military duties and fight in Vietnam."
  • "Horatio Oléré was recognized by a mountain goat, who immediately emailed our site, informing us that the millionaire shaman instigated a snowball fight with a band of peaceful Yetis."
  • "Because if it is, I'm ready to fight!"
  • "In the following chapters, you will discover shocking accusations and fabrications about Bruno, including: blackmail, adultery, Swedish au pairs, cross dressing, high-stakes scuba diving, and even illegal chicken fights."

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