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Tradução & Definição

a fraud: uma fraude, um engano

a fraud: um impostor, uma pessoa que mente sobre a própria identidade


  • "-Theft, fraud and dishonesty"
  • "Philip : Fraud?"
  • "Internet fraud is the fastest-growing area of crime, and its perpetrators have just launched a major offensive on internet users."
  • "The Serious Fraud office has been called in, and, although they haven't officially announced their findings yet, the Sunday Roast has THE scoop: it appears that Leeson had been netting huge losses on unauthorised deals, and falsifying information to cover up his failures."
  • "Because, eh, technically you'd be committing fraud!"
  • "I'll report it to our fraud department."
  • "Fraud? That's a big word!"
  • "To reduce the risk of credit card fraud, we have recently updated our security system."
  • "He has been suspended from his position at the bank following accusations of fraud."
  • "Bruno : It's an American tradition, like apple pie and election fraud."

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