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Tradução & Definição

green: verde
adjective, noun
Algumas expressões idiomáticas de uso corrente com a palavra green:

(to be) green with envy estar com muita inveja, morrer de inveja
to be green estar verde, ser inexperiente (iniciante, novato)
to give the green light dar o sinal verde/a luz verde, dar o acordo
to have a green thumb (US) (or green fingers (UK)) ter o dom para jardinagem, ter o dom da horticultura
a green area área verde, espaço verde

green (issues): (as questões) ecológicas, ambientais
the green party partido verde


  • "I really don't have the green hand."
  • "I can't decide what to wear: The purple shirt with green stripes, or the orange shirt with silver spots."
  • "Blue? Green?"
  • "Did the picture have a smaller red square superimposed on a larger green square?"
  • "Greener Skies Ahead?"
  • "I think you should definitely wear the purple shirt with green stripes – it matches your ears."
  • "Environmentalists point out that the production of biofuels isn't entirely green."
  • "Please meet me at the green bench on the west side of Paradise Park on Friday, September 28th at 7:37 pm. I will be wearing a pink tuxedo with a black carnation."
  • "Philip : But I always thought that aliens had green skin and big eyes and triangle heads, and watched the XXX-files, and you know, abducted humans and stuff."
  • "Bruno : No, no, the small green square was inside the big red square."

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