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Tradução & Definição

to identify: identificar
We need you to identify the body. Precisamos que você identifique o corpo.
More and more young teenagers identify with Britney Spears. Cada vez mais os adolescentes se identificam com a Britney Spears.


  • "Please identify yourself."
  • "OILS, the Organization for International Labor Standards, is a (fictional) group which identifies and certifies subcontractors using legal and ethical labor practices."
  • "I hope this helps identify him."
  • "There are many international Human Rights organizations which identify private enterprises that subcontract their labor."
  • "Air Traffic Controller : I'm unable to identify you on radar."
  • "Witnesses were unable to identify the driver of the van, nor read its license plate, though several people reported seeing a "KK" logo on the rear window of the vehicle."
  • "I want you to make a series of 90-degree turns so that I can identify you on radar."
  • "We managed to identify and destroy the virus before it infected any other machines on the network, which is extremely good news."

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