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to increase (by 10%): aumentar (em 10%)
to decrease diminuir

an increase: um aumento

(the) increased (sales): (o) aumento (das vendas)
Pronunciation examples
UK: We should increase the amount of fruit that we eat.
US: There has been a sharp increase in interest rates.
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  • "Free-shipping and 'buy one get one free' offers are expected to increase before Christmas."
  • "This leads me to my point: some of the staff have been discussing the possibility of a company-wide 'nap time' in order to increase productivity during the work day."
  • "Insufficient or poor-quality sleep increases the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease, as well as the probability of making risky decisions."
  • "Even in markets which appear saturated such as Europe and North America, shoppers increase their purchases of Delavigne products towards the holiday season."
  • "Although the notoriety of the local food movement is increasing, even lending such buzzwords as 'food patriotism' (strong belief in sustainable local food chains) and 'locavore' (one who eats only local products) to the lexicon, some remain unconvinced that the local food movement is all it's cracked up to be."
  • "One solution may be increasing discounts and promotions this year."
  • "I'd better increase your order to 200,000 then."
  • "It's not just senior citizens who dig the sound of analog audio recordings, recent increases in vinyl record sales suggest that younger listeners are discovering turntables and the clarity of sound that they offer."
  • "Those same scientists predict that this figure is likely to increase in coming years."
  • "Your company's plan allows you to increase or decrease your monthly pay-in at any time, as well as to re-allocate the investments of your plan."

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