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Tradução & Definição

an item: um elemento, uma coisa, um objeto, uma unidade
This line is for shoppers with ten items or fewer. Essa fila é para clientes com dez ou menos volumes.

(Let's move to the next) item: (Vamos para o próximo) assunto
Pronunciation examples
UK: It's best to remove all items of clothing before having a shower.
US: You have one item too many in your bag. It's going to break.


  • "I could sell these items at auction, but I thought I'd let my dear colleagues have a chance to buy them first."
  • "Your mission for the week, should you choose to accept it: go out and buy an item in each of the stores described."
  • "Most of the items are pretty unisex."
  • "A boxed set for the holiday season might be a popular item."
  • "Any personal items left in the bedrooms or bathrooms will become the property of Happy Tulips B & B."
  • "Now, let's move on to item number two on the agenda - Bruno's birthday party!"
  • "You know how much I hate spending money on unessential items.."
  • "Philip : Item number 1."
  • "Let's move on to the last item on the agenda: Jean's accent."
  • "Are you carrying any of the following items: Acids, ammunition, animals, corpses, cremated remains, explosives, firearms, fireworks, flammable liquids, hazardous materials, materials with a disagreeable odor, matches?"

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