Let you know

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I want to let you know (that...): Quero que você saiba, Gostaria de te informar (que...)
I just wanted to let you know that my sister will be visiting for a few days. Eu só queria que você soubesse que minha irmã virá me visitar por alguns dias.

I'll let you know: Te manterei informado, Te avisarei/informarei


  • "I will read the sentence first, to let you know how it SHOULD be pronounced: Is that horse reading a book or ironing some clothes, mmkay?"
  • "This e-mail is just to let you know that I'll be conducting telephone interviews with the candidates for the "Xavier Delavigne Friends of France" internship program tomorrow morning (the program that sponsors a French student to work at Delavigne for the summer)."
  • "I just wanted to follow up on our conversation yesterday, and let you know that I'll be available for a telephone interview on Tuesday of next week."
  • "Please let us know if we can make your transition easier."
  • "We'll let you know."
  • "Secondly, I have met with all of our major clients to let them know about Bruno's leave of absence."
  • "I've also faxed the immigration office at the airport, letting them know what's happening."
  • "Icarus has asked me to let you know that he won't be able to come to work today."
  • "I will let you know how things turn out!"
  • "Captain Donny Dare : I'm just going to call the control tower and let them know that we're coming in to land."

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