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main: principal, dominante, maior, central, primário
Our main problem is our competition. Nosso principal problema é a concorrência
The main characters in this play are all men. Os personagens principais dessa peça são todos homens.
the main event o evento principal


  • "Now I'm standing inside the huge entrance hall, looking towards the main gallery space."
  • "Here we are in the main gallery space where-"
  • "Susie : And finally, the main reason why no one ever responds to your advertising: there's no phone number!"
  • "The main thing is that we get results."
  • "And now, without further ado, I'd like to present tonight's main event, our expert camel panel, who will answer all your questions about our favorite mammal, the camel."
  • "This is the main advantage of Stickypedia: the fact that content is constantly being updated means that only the best, truest information survives."
  • "Lucy : Okay, you see, in the film, perfume plays a central role in the main character's life."
  • "Susan : Does the main character make perfumes for a living?"
  • "There are 5 main steps to becoming a better leader."

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