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Tradução & Definição

to make conversation (with someone): conversar (com alguém)

a conversation: uma conversa, um diálogo


  • "So, for the two conversations last week, which I greatly enjoyed, the total amounts to 1200 dollars."
  • "Jean and Bruno conclude their conversation about politics"
  • "Remember: on the Musical Store hotline, all conversations take place in song!"
  • "Jean, check out these fancy idioms to add some colour to your future conversations!"
  • "Sorry about the mess in this meeting room. As I suggested in our telephone conversation last week, I'm going to need some convincing that your site is suitable to sell our products."
  • "I would like to continue this conversation in an interview for my new finance magazine, "Money Like Runny Honey"."
  • "Change your mind right now, and I'll forget this conversation ever happened."
  • "I just wanted to follow up on our conversation yesterday, and let you know that I'll be available for a telephone interview on Tuesday of next week."
  • "Time management (you may not want to tell Miss Stake that you sometimes spend several hours a day in telephone conversations with your bookie)."
  • "Politics is a delicate topic of conversation in the United States."

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