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Tradução & Definição

It's nap time!: Está na hora da soneca!

to take a nap: tirar uma soneca


  • "This leads me to my point: some of the staff have been discussing the possibility of a company-wide "nap time" in order to increase productivity during the work day."
  • "Incorporating nap time for the staff might even provide a nice PR angle for all those journalists looking for stories about "hip" and "caring" corporations."
  • "Also, I thought I should bring it to your attention that Horatio has already established his own nap time policy, apparently it has been in place for several decades, and he seems to be ultra-productive!"
  • "As for nap time, I'm afraid I remain unconvinced of its efficacy."
  • "That's why I propose that rather than company-wide "nap time", we institute a company-wide "laugh time"."
  • "Horatio : Yes, exactly. Nap time!"
  • "Hannah : So nap time is right after lunch time?"
  • "Nap time is over!"
  • "Did you just say "nap time"?"
  • "Horatio : But before tea time and nap time number two, yes."

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