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Tradução & Definição

pale: pálido, apagado
You look a little pale. Você está um pouco pálido.

to pale: empalidecer, tornar-se pálido, tornar pálido
His face paled when I told him that his house had been robbed. Seu rosto empalideceu quando eu contei que sua casa havia sido roubada.


  • "Assistant4life (Polly Watson) says : Tall, pale and handsome, with perfect teeth and the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen!"
  • "He has all the marks of the Brexit: His pale skin!"
  • "You're a bit pale, but I attribute that to you being British."
  • "Although the bathroom isn't accessible from either bedroom, the apartment is painted pink, yellow and pale blue throughout."
  • "Your pale body has seen many hamburgers."
  • "I'd prefer the interior to be pink, yellow and pale blue, but this is not essential."
  • "You're very pale."
  • "Pale English teen becomes viral sensation with risqué photos."
  • "Don't even think about moving Edward, or I'll blow your pale arse back to England."
  • "As you know, every four years, we gather to watch some of the world's palest athletes skate, ski and slide to Olympic glory for their country."

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