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a photograph, a photo: uma fotografia, uma foto

(I enjoy) being photographed (because I find myself very handsome.): (Eu gosto) de ser fotografado (pois eu me acho muito bonito.)

a photographer: um fotógrafo


  • "Ready to start taking photos?"
  • "Congratulations on choosing Slick Brand Solutions to help repair your company's shattered reputation following your truly embarrassing nude photo leak."
  • "The internet is abuzz with new photos depicting former Delavigne Corp intern Edward Moon in a series of 'compromising' positions."
  • "Pale English teen becomes viral sensation with risqué photos."
  • "I need to know about this photograph, Penny."
  • "Brian : Perhaps we could try this address written on the back of the photo?"
  • "I have this photograph."
  • "The photographs, taken by current Delavigne special assistant Brian Jones, are not only titillating an audience of people with nothing better to do, but also have the potential to reflect poorly on the Delavigne Corporation."
  • "Moreover, I'm honoured and touched that you selected me to be the photographer for your first photoshoot!"
  • "As you can see from the attached photo, my physical transformation is nothing short of godlike."

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