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a price: um preço
Could you give me the price of this blouse here? Você poderia me dizer o preço dessa blusa?

to price: colocar, estabelecer, fixar um preço
Have you finished pricing the new line? Você já determinou o preço da nova coleção?
We sell reasonably-priced furniture. Vendemos móveis a preços razoáveis.


  • "But my company has a number of concerns beyond price."
  • "Special terms and conditions: Any stock that remains unsold six (6) months after the delivery date will be bought back in full by the Delavigne Corporation (at the same price as stated above) within ten (10) working days."
  • "Some are looking for holiday homes at prices they could not have hoped to pay a few years ago."
  • "
    Invoice n° Quantity Article Price per unit (USD) Payment due date
  • "" The kangaroo says, "at these prices, I'm not surprised."
  • "I have taken the liberty of attaching the contact information of a consulting group which organizes Corporate Team-Building events at reasonable prices."
  • "You'll notice that our prices are very competitive."
  • "My prices are so small you can barely see them."
  • "The US property market is currently suffering a credit crisis, making it attractive for Britons who cannot cope with the sky-high house prices at home."
  • "With energy prices high, consumers are also reluctant to make costly trips to the shopping mall."

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