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to scream: gritar, urrar
to scream with laughter gargalhar, rir alto

a scream: um grito, um urro
Pronunciation examples
UK: He screamed with agony when he broke his leg.
US: Her screams woke up the entire neighborhood.
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  • "But now the pain has gone away, my algorithms scream"
  • "Frigid, British, loves tea and screaming"
  • "He is currently in stable condition, and alternates between screaming and farting."
  • "He might not respond because we put some tape over his mouth to stop him screaming!"
  • "12 screaming babies on board."
  • "She's so awful that just the sight of her makes people scream. When I pick her up, people run out of the room. In my hands, this instrument can do more damage than a bazooka!"
  • "I screamed at him to stop, and said 'you son of a bitch', which is technically true, but my client thought I was talking to him!"
  • "He was trapped in a tree, screaming, and hanging upside down."
  • "You eliminate the competition for our perfumes, and I have a hundred screaming partners to worry about."
  • "The last vision I have, just before I wake up screaming, is the face of the truck driver, the evil intent in his eyes, and the faint smile on his lips, as tranquil as my yoga master."

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