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Tradução & Definição

a situation: uma situação
You've put me in a uncomfortable situation. Você me pôs numa situação desconfortável.

Pronunciation examples
UK: You are putting me in an awkward situation.
US: There is a bit of a situation going down at the laboratories.


  • "However, I want the final say on this new hire in order to avoid any more "Jean Marron situations"."
  • "The point is, if you make some changes here and there, you're bound to get your financial situation sorted out in no time."
  • "What are your views on this situation?"
  • "Let's fix that situation right away."
  • "I am wondering how you feel about this situation."
  • "Could you explain the economic situation to him?"
  • "How will this unique situation affect the president's responsibilities to his continent?"
  • "At best, this whole situation is ethically ambiguous."
  • "I know you are quite a forgetful diary, so here's a recap of the current situation"
  • "-Remember, there may be times when the customer is wrong about a certain situation."

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