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Tradução & Definição

to spare: poupar
Aqui há algumas expressões comuns que usam to spare:

Please spare me the details. Por favor, poupe-me dos detalhes.
Can you spare some change? Você pode me dar algum trocado?
We have no time to spare. Não temos tempo a perder.
Please spare yourself the trouble of being nice to me. Por favor, poupe-se do trabalho de ser agradável comigo.

to spare some time (to do sthg): poupar algum tempo(para fazer alguma coisa)

(a) spare (part): (uma peça) de reposição
a spare tire uma roda de reposição


  • "Hannah : Well I can't speak for all female managers, Jean, but I can spare you a minute."
  • "Susie, I know you are hard at work planning the TigerLily campaign, but please spare some time and try to create a marketing gimmick to sell these excess perfumes."
  • "Follow me, young man, there's a couple of spare seats in first-class."
  • "Maybe there's a spare attached to the rear door."
  • "Fortunately, however, a few fragments were spared, and I have put them in the bucket next to this letter."
  • "By simply accepting Mrs. Hughes' resignation, you could have spared the company this expense, which would have been greatly appreciated."
  • "DISCLAIMER: For safety reasons, participants are required to be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems. It is advisable to bring a spare pair of underpants."
  • "Anyway, get in touch if you want the spare ticket!"

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