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specifically: especificamente
I specifically said that I wanted four boxes of pens, not five! Eu disse especificamente que queria quatro caixas de lápis, não cinco!


  • "Inga : But your parents specifically said no wine!"
  • "Specifically, I'll need 5 copies of this contract copied and collated."
  • "Specifically, I've been thinking about your highly unrealistic expectations of making it in the music industry."
  • "On behalf of both the Sales and HR teams in San Francisco, we would like to formally welcome you to the Delavigne Corporation and specifically to the sales department!"
  • "Brian : He specifically said I couldn't."
  • "Leonard : My people want professional training, French lessons specifically."
  • "My goal is to pursue a career in the customer service field, specifically in management."
  • "Specifically, please"
  • "Specifically, the invoice called for 5,000 bottles to be produced for wholesale and retail distribution in France, and close to 15,000 bottles were actually produced."
  • "Specifically, Bruno's dog, Stink."

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