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to state: expressar, escrever, precisar, declarar
To state tem uma conotação oficial:

The president states his ideas clearly. O presidente expressa suas ideias claramente.
It is stated in the office handbook that smoking is prohibited in the building. Está escrito no manual da empresa que é proibido fumar dentro do prédio.

a nation-state: um estado-nação
The United States (of America) Os Estados Unidos

a state (of mind): um estado (de espírito)
Pronunciation examples
UK: I stated my objections very clearly.
US: There are two states in America: rich and poor.
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  • "Elevator : Please state your floor and the type of music you would like to listen to."
  • "The capital of the state of New York is Albany."
  • "State your name and purpose!"
  • "Vicar : Please state your full name."
  • "California is one of the most generous states when it comes to family leave, and the Delavigne Corporation is well-known for its progressive approach."
  • "Will the groom please state his name before the congregation?"
  • "Steffi : Yes, the invoice states that each unit costs 29 dollars, however we agreed on a price of 31 dollars per unit."
  • "Not to mention that it is illegal to drive in most states without at least some liability insurance."
  • "And will the bride please state her full name before the congregation?"
  • "Industrial Fruit Concern Inc. has stated that if they acquire the juice business, they plan to completely change the company culture and business model, create hundreds of soulless storefronts across the world, and pretty much ruin everything that made it unique."

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