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surely: sem dúvida, certamente

(You) surely (don't believe him): (Você) certamente (não acredita nele)
That surely cannot be possible! Isso sem dúvida não pode ser possível!


  • "But surely, if anyone can tamper with a page like this, Stickypedia must be open to vandalism."
  • "Surely in this case, an expert's opinion is more important?"
  • "Surely Mr. Jones is a friend of yours."
  • "Narrator : Thundera, the Siberian tiger, is surely the most formidable hunter of all, and an imposing presence in the meeting room. Here we see Philip Cheeter, head of sales, negotiating with the help of this magnificent tiger."
  • "Surely that is even more dangerous to the health than passive smoking?"
  • "This year Horatio is working on a line of perfumes for men which will surely have an impact on the market for male cosmetics."
  • "Susie : Even if the monkey doesn't talk, the competition will surely point out the presence of monkeys in our laboratory."
  • "There will surely be some dancing in the streets tonight Moira."
  • "Yes, but surely you have a favourite among them. I mean, the initiatives really are revolutionary, very ahead of their time."
  • "Nigel : But, Bruno, surely you can't be serious."

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