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Tradução & Definição

to tell: dizer, informar, contar
What did Bruno tell you? O que Bruno disse para você?
Tell me all about your weekend. Conte-me tudo sobre o seu final de semana.

Esse verbo é irregular
I tell / I told / I have told

I've been told that (you're a man): Me disseram que (você é homem)


  • "Lucky : I cannot tell you that Daddy."
  • "Things got a little bit crazy in Kalackistan and I told him that I needed some space, a little bit of time to think."
  • "Philip : Tell us where they are!"
  • "I want to tell her how hot she is but she'll think I'm sexist."
  • "It didn't come with instructions, so I was hoping that you could tell me."
  • "Bob the Brit : They always told me, never trust a Corsican with a gun on the fourth weekend in March!"
  • "Jenny : Yes, go on and tell us Susie."
  • "If everyone will be so kind as to follow me, I will tell you exactly where Susie and Bruno are."
  • "I'm just calling to tell you that I can go to the dance with you."
  • "What if I told you I know their exact location at this very moment?"

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