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Tradução & Definição

to throw (something over someone): lançar, atirar (alguma coisa em alguém)
Throw the ball! Jogue a bola!

Esse verbo é irregular
I throw / I threw / I have thrown

a throw: um tiro, um lançamento, uma jogada
Whose throw is it? De quem é a vez de lançar?

to throw (something) out, away: jogar (algo) fora, no lixo
Pronunciation examples
UK: Let's throw a party. Whoo!
US: I learned how to throw knives in the circus.


  • "You've only been alive for a matter of months, but I've already had reports of public indecency, aggressive lullaby singing, diaper throwing, tummy aches, temper tantrums, loud crying and some very serious accusations of milk abuse."
  • "Why did the man throw his clock out of the window?"
  • "A fellow student said "Zack was careful not to throw the candy directly at people, but a caramel square did land quite near my foot"."
  • "Susie throws coffee over Philip for making obscene remark."
  • "Hey hey, there's no need to throw things!"
  • "A 15-year-old boy wreaked havoc today at White Dove High School when he pulled out candy from his bag and threw it "quite hard" at fellow students."
  • "I threw them away when Bruno bought me the MP3 player."
  • "So if you find a pile of records in the garage, don't throw them away!"
  • "(ahem) Throw your hands in the air"
  • "Zack Fielding, described as a shy loner by his classmates, threw a range of sweets, including jelly beans and candy corn, during a 10th grade math class."

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