To direct

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to direct: dirigir, manejar, guiar, controlar
Philip directs the sales department. Philip dirige o departamento de vendas
a director um diretor
non-direct com paradas, que não é direto

to direct (someone) (somewhere): indicar (a alguém) (a localização de algum lugar)
Could you direct me to the supervisor's office? Você poderia me indicar como chegar no escritório do supervisor?

(We receive our eggs) direct from (the farm): (Recebemos nossos ovos) diretamente (da fazenda)

direct : direto


  • "Now, please direct your attention to the screen in front of you."
  • "You sell direct from your website."
  • "Also, I am sure the company would have been happy to approve your direct flight, had you not attempted to book it in first class."
  • "I would like the main bedroom to have direct access to the bathroom and plenty of storage space."
  • "Allow me to direct you to baby number 2."
  • "In my country we try to avoid direct confrontation."
  • "The last direct train left an hour ago."
  • "I'm not one to hedge the issue, so I will simply come out and say it: several of you have abused our copier and as a direct result of your abuse, brought it to an untimely end."
  • "I understand that some people have difficulty with their bowel movements (a direct result of eating too much unhealthy food), but if the bathrooms were cleaned properly, then this would be their problem, not everyone else's."

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